Give yourself a chance to see your film screened at the festival by suggesting us your footage. To submit a movie fill out registration and regulation forms before 1 March 2022.
We can’t wait te see your work !

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    Copy entitlement:

    - I give permission for the Brest Surf Film Festival to use extracts of my film for promotional purposes (3 minutes duration).

    - I give permission for the Brest Surf Film Festival to use stills, titles, and other information in reference to the film to promote the event and the films selection : on line, and in any print media, press article, audiovisual media, and on the communication tools : programme, information leaflets, press book.

    - I guarantee my work as the original, and hold all copyright registration of my work.

    - I guarantee that my work has nothing illegal (copyrights previously obtained for the other implemented media : music, images … )

    - I give my permission for the Brest Surf Film Festival to keep a copy of the film to archive and to share it and any related promotional material for exclusive broadcast by the partners of the event.

    Television and internet broadcasting:
    I give the reproduction rights free of charge to the association Jours d’écume and give my permission for the broadcasting on the French television channel, numeric, Internet, satellite, cable and ADSL, and on the all paper, electronic, digital media, of some extracts and/or images from the films selected for the festival. These extracts won’t exceed 10 % of the film length, and will in any case be restricted to 3 minutes.
    These extracts will be only used for information reports or news reports dedicated to the festival, television or web shows and interviews, and/or for the promotional of this year's festival promotion or the future ones.
    I also allow free of charge the association Jours d’écume, to mix audiovisual extracts from several films selected for the festival, and to broadcast them on all media to promote the festival in France and all over the world.
    I undersign insure to have taken knowledge of the applied conditions to participate to the Brest Surf Film Festival.

    Films shortlisted for BSFF Official Selection must include the logo provided by the Festival on their end credits. This logo must also be included on all promotional material and press pack.

    French version / Subtitles:
    If the language of the movie is not french, it is recommended that the production provides a french subtitled copy. If it’s not possible, please mention it.
    In this case, we ask for the right to translate and insert the french subtitles on the film. The subtitling will be carried out by a professional structure. If the association Jours d'écume decides to do so, it will own the french subtitles.

    Regulations Brest Surf Film Festival #5
    11- 14 May 2022

    1. The 5th edition of the Brest Surf Film Festival - first international surf film festival in Brittany - will be held at Oceanopolis in May 2022, 11-14.

    2. The Brest Surf Film Festival promotes variety of approaches, of points of view and genres – fiction, documentary, animation or experimental – and values commitment, creativity and connection between humans and nature. The Brest Surf Film Festival aims at supporting audiovisual creativity, promoting original works and publicizing them widely to the public.

    3. The selection panel consists of the members of the Brest Surf Film Festival organizing team.

    4. Only HD digital copies will be accepted.

    5. A director may apply for several films. In such case, those films can be sent together on the same digital media but a separate registration form must be completed for each one.

    6.Registration and submission procedure

    6.1 Candidacy for shortlisting must be submitted online on Registration will be confirmed when Brest Surf Film Festival receives a link to the film or a DVD.

    6.2 The deadline for registration and receipt of films is March 1st 2022.

    6.3 If a film is registered or sent after the deadline, it may not be viewed.

    6.4 Submission procedure may consist in providing a private link for downloading (Vimeo, YouTube…). Please make sure that the title of the film and the director’s name and email address are included. An acknowledgment of receipt will be emailed to the sender.

    6.5 Films sent for shortlisting must be in original version with English or French subtitles if necessary. If subtitles are not available, please mention it.

    6.6 On submission a high definition still from the film must be sent. If a trailer exists, please send it also (through Vimeo).


    7.1 Directors of selected films will be informed personally.

    7.2 The list of selected films will be published on the Brest Surf Film Festival website

    7.3 Directors (and rights holders) of selected films agree not to withdraw theirs films from the programme after its annoucement.

    7.4 Directors of selected films agree to send a high-definition copy of the movie.

    8.International Short Film Competition

    8.1 The competition is open to short films made in the last 12 months before the 2022 festival.

    8.2 Short films must not last more than 20 minutes (title and movie credits).

    8.3 Jury Decisions are taken by majorities of the jury’s members.

    8.4 Awards The final selection is due to the jury’s members deliberation.

    8.5 Prizes are awarded to film directors.

    8.6 The date of the award ceremony will be announced on the Brest Surf Film Festival website (

    8.7 Awarded movies will have to include the logo provided by the festival corresponding to the award won on every promotional documents and press kit. The logo must also appear on the DVD and the movie credits.

    9. Projection copies and media

    9.1 The festival has the following screening equipment: DCP, digital files, BluRay.

    9.2 Shipping cost and custom duty for selected films will be charged to the sender.

    10. Movies participating to the festival are made available to the festival graciously.

    11. Subtitles If the language of the movie is not french, or english, it is highly recommended that the production provides a subtitled copy in one of these languages. If it’s not possible, please mention it.

    12. Applying to the festival is free. It involves compliance and agreement to terms and conditions of the present Regulations.

    13. Final dispositions

    13.1In case any problem beyond the organizers’ control should occur, the Brest Surf Film Festival reserves the right to cancel the competition or alter its rules, dates or procedures.

    13.2BREST SURF FILM FESTIVAL contact details :

    Association Jours d'écume
    100, rue des mouettes
    29200 Brest - FRANCE