Yama Lucy Small, Maddie Meddings Documentaire, UK/Ghana, 2023, 23 min
Yama Lucy Small, Maddie Meddings Documentaire, UK/Ghana, 2023, 23 min

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Lucy Small, Maddie Meddings
Type : Documentaire
Pays : UK/Ghana
Année : 2023
Durée : 23 min

Version originale sous-titrée en français

Synopsis :

Maddie Meddings, jeune photographe et réalisatrice, basée en Cornouailles anglaise (Cornwall), accompagne au Ghana la talentueuse longboardeuse et activiste australienne Lucy Small à la rencontre des surfeuses et skateuses pionnières du pays. Un surf trip vivifiant qui donne une image pleine d’énergie de la scène surf au féminin sur la côte ouest de l’Afrique ! Girl power!

Yama follows Australian surfer and activist Lucy Small as she travels to Ghana to meet with a group of pioneering female surfers and skaters. Once a stronghold of the transatlantic slave trade and with a history of Atlantic aquatic surf culture that precedes colonial invasion, this is a story of a reclamation and joy. Aiming to tell a story that challenges the representations that many African nations are commonly subjected to in western media, Yama begins in the bustling city of Accra and travels to the wave rich coastline where there are communities driving the budding Ghanaian modern surf scene. The Fantes are the people who populate the area where female surfers live. Yama is their name for the wooden boats that still cross Ghana’s shoreline today. The soundtrack is not an original score, but each of the artists were selected for being either from or linked to West Africa, specially including artists who have advocated for women’s rights.

Surfeuses :
Lucy Small, Harmonie « Blue » Bataka, Eden Oyeoku, Sandy Alibo, Justice Kwofie, Christina Ocran, Vanessa Turkson, Juliana Otoo

Best International Documentary Short – London Surf Film Festival
Best International Short – Florid Surf Film Festival
Best Short Film – Bilbao Surf Film Festival